I am an environmental lawyer by trade and am currently vagabonding through Asia with my husband, exploring new places and ideas.

I love being physically active, spending time in nature and continuously learning. A couple of my recent obsessions are learning to surf and practising the resting squat position.

I believe that our societies need systems that allow us to enjoy productive, sustainable economies that support, rather than undermine, the health of the Earth.

For more on my background feel free to peruse my story below.

Early years

I grew up with an older brother and younger sister in Warwick, a small town about 160 km south-west of Brisbane, Queensland (Australia). I feel lucky to have been raised in a caring environment and close-knit community, surrounded by nature. Some of my best childhood memories are being outdoors with friends and family – exploring nearby bushland, climbing trees, playing soccer and tennis, riding bikes, swimming and so on. I will also never forget the generosity and kindness of our immediate and surrounding community when my mum was sick with cancer and after she passed away when I was aged 12. As a teenager I took up karate which I still enjoy practising today.

Uni days

When I finished high school I moved to the “big city” (Brisbane) where I worked full-time for a year before starting university. In my first year of Uni I dabbled in a variety of Arts subjects, including economics, philosophy and German, before committing to a dual degree in Law and Environmental Management (Sustainable Development). I have a strong interest in the environment and how humans can live more sustainably, and found myself intrigued (and concerned) by the complexity of issues like biodiversity loss, pollution, water management and climate change.

Professional life

At the end of 2014, I moved to Melbourne and started professional life as a sustainability consultant, specialising in carbon (i.e. greenhouse gas) and energy. I loved this opportunity to cut my teeth on real, practical issues, helping clients across a range of sectors with their environmental compliance needs and strategic sustainability goals. I also enjoyed working with an engaged team with diverse backgrounds including engineering, environmental science and business. A lot of our consulting work was underpinned by environmental legislation and with my legal background most of the trickier law-related questions came my way. This gave me a fantastic working knowledge of Australia’s carbon and energy laws, as well as the surrounding policy and political landscape.

I realised I enjoyed legal problem solving in this practical context more than my experience at law school led me to believe I would. With a desire to further progress my legal skills I transitioned from consulting to legal practice. I was fortunate to land a role in the environment and planning team of a global law firm, working alongside one of Australia’s leading environmental and climate change lawyers. This immersion into legal practice within a fast paced corporate environment was both challenging and rewarding.


After two years working as a lawyer, about five years of professional life and being newly married, I decided with my husband to take a year off “normal life”. We sold and gave away almost everything we owned and set out on an adventure, commencing June 2019. For us, this year is about exploring new places and ideas, gaining fresh perspectives, reflecting on our values and life direction (both as individuals and newly-weds), slowing down, playing, connecting with our intrinsic interests and creativity and well - doing just about whatever we like (which we recently discovered includes surfing!).